Untitled Goose Game has garnered quite the following since its launch in September, with the maker community joining in on this with an amazing rendition of the playable goose which can hold onto object, as long as its made of metal.

This is the work of Thingiverse user gynni who tells us that this project came to be for a familiar reason: they searched for models from the game to print, didn’t find any, and decided to do it themselves.

This print – which is cleverly named “Entitled Goose” – started life as a more generic goose created by user Nitomatta on Sketchfab. While this was a good starting point for the project, it was rather low poly and needed some adjustments before it looked like the one in the game.

This original model was cleaned up in Blender before being imported into Fusion 360 for further work. Here the goose was rigged up and posed as well as sliced into smaller pieces to make printing easier. A slot was also modelled into the beak to accommodate a small 6 X 2 millimetre disc magnet. This is strong enough to hold onto a set of keys or even a knife, though we’re sure you won’t be picking up rakes with it any time soon, unfortunately.

After a few more adjustments it was time to print, with the modified model taking around seven hours to get to this stage.

Printing took even longer at just over six hours, with the finished pieces requiring a bit of clean up before assembly. Unfortunately, during assembly, it was found that the head was a problem area with the space for the magnet and well as the neck being too weak. After some redesigning it was printed again and ready to go.

The finished piece can be seen in the gallery below, with this version of the goose measuring in at 60 X 103 X 135 millimetres. Much smaller than a regular goose, but perfect for a shelf or as a desk toy.

While the model is sliced according to colour (and you’ll only need three here), the free files on Thingiverse also include a single piece variant for larger prints and those who prefer to paint their prints instead.

Some additional information to help your prints along, as well as what specific materials were used in this version, are available there too.

Dozens of people have already printed their own goose, which you can see in the “Makes” section of Thingiverse. Many have taken to using their goose to hold various objects such as screwdrivers and USB cables, but our favourite must be this one with the bell, also seen in the game.

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