Launched in June of this year My Friend Pedro made a splash with its kinetic combat that could best be described as a ballet by way of a Max Payne bullet time shootout. Now the game has a free update that adds a few new ways to play, including the much ignored big head mode.

The “Code Yellow Update”, as it’s being called, is a free change to the game that is available right now. The big addition is fourteen different modifiers that can be applied to the gameplay, and can be found throughout the game’s story.

Big heads is one of these modifiers, as is changing the player’s size at a whim. Combining a big head with a tiny body results in the player character resembling a Tink (formally called a Midget) from the Borderlands series.

More modifiers include infinite ammo, no recoil, alternate camera types, one shot kills and more. Some of these can be seen in the trailer (embedded below) and the rest can be read in the changelog.

While bigger changes like this are exciting, the Code Yellow Update also brings with it some more subtle changes. An in-game timer has been added, for example, so those looking to speedrun can do so using the game itself to track runs. The HUD can now be hidden, checkpoints can be turned off, and the keyboard shortcut for restarting a level can now be remapped.

If all of this has you interested in picking the game up, it’s available on PC and Nintendo Switch. While you can get it from GOG and the Humble Store, Steam and the Nintendo eShop both have it on sale at 30% off on both platforms.