Up until last year, if you were an SME in need of office hardware or solutions, you often looked at two brands – Plantronics or Polycom.

With the former having officially acquired the latter in July of 2018, both brands joined forces to create Poly, offering a far wider range of office solutions to customers in the SME, startup and ICT spaces.

One area that Poly has placed much focus of late is the huddle room, which is quickly becoming one of the most important spaces in any SME’s environment, especially as it is the meeting place where employees from across the organisation can engage with one another, as well as those outside of the company.

One of the hero products that this newly minted firm has on offer is the Poly Studio.

This new solution is best described as an intuitive video bar and is designed for use in huddle rooms or similar smaller spaces in an office setup.

With as much as 73 percent of video conferencing predicted to happen in spaces like huddle rooms by 2023, having these environments correctly kitted out with the best possible hardware will soon become an imperative.

This is where Poly says its Studio video bar thrives by offering advantages in three key areas – best in-class audio, dynamic video experiences and simple management/deployment.


Three key pillars of performance

Touching on audio quality first, the Poly Studio boasts a USB-based design. This makes connectivity simple and easy, with it sporting an intuitive plug and play functionality to eliminate any concerns regarding setup time, which is a usual issue when it comes to conventional video conferencing.

To ensure that audio is crisp and clear on both ends of the call, the Poly Studio sports NoiseBlock technology in order to intelligently tune out any distracting sounds that would otherwise disrupt a video call.

Added to this is an operating range of 3.65 metres (12 feet), with the onboard microphone capable of picking up audio in high-fidelity stereo. Another handy element is what Poly calls the Audio Fence, which ensures that sound is only picked up within the defined space of your huddle room, so noisy colleagues are not a concern.

Shifting to video, with this being a video bar after all, the Poly Studio offers up an ultra-wide 120 degree field of view, which all the people in the room will be in shot. There’s also a 4K camera onboard that also keeps visuals at HD quality while zooming.

The device also features a nifty scaling function, which detects the number of people in the room and adjusts the zoom of the camera in order to get everyone included.

This clever scaling capability means all video on the Poly Studio looks fully framed and immersive.

If you’re worried about compatibility with your existing video platforms, the Poly Studio proudly boasts support for nearly all cloud-based video platforms in the country. That means that if you’re using a free tool like Skype or Google Hangouts, or something more enterprise-focused such as Microsoft Teams or BlueJeans.

With the management tool for the Poly Studio being cloud-based too, it facilitates the pushing of software updates by your organisation’s IT team. The aforementioned USB connectivity is also compatible with macOS or Windows 10 devices.

Whatever your needs might be when it comes to huddle rooms, the Poly Studio features the flexibility to enable whatever your organisation and employees require.

If you are interested in the Poly Studio, you can contact local distributor Weston-Comstor for more information.

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