Earlier this year we wrote a story in which Apple was readying for reveal a new 16″ MacBook Pro model. It was believed to be coming in September, but that has since past, and no new hardware has surfaced.

Now those rumours are being stoked again, as MacGeneration discovered some details in the latest beta for macOS Catalina (10.15.1). The detail comes in the form of a hidden image featuring a MacBook icon (in the header image above) labelled “MacBookPro16,1”.

If we’re going according to Apple’s usual notebook naming conventions, then a 16″ MacBook Pro is seemingly on the cards. Adding credence to the discovery is MacRumors, with the publication comparing the new 16″ MacBook Icon to the current 15″ version.

For all intents and purposes the icon is indeed larger, featuring thinner bezels on the side of the display, as well as silver and grey colour options.

Naturally Apple is yet to comment on the rumours, or mention whether a product-focused event is on the cards.

Along with the new display size, Apple’s rumoured addition to the MacBook Pro lineup is also said to be re-engineering the troublesome butterfly keyboard mechanism on the current versions of the notebook.

With the aforementioned September date having passed, and Apple already showcasing a new iPad model a few weeks ago, there is always the chance that the 16″ MacBook makes a surprise debut before the year’s end.

That said Apple is running out of time to reveal some new hardware, so we may just have to wait until 2020 for a new notebook.

It may prove a better option to hold off an unveiling too, especially to address the keyboard woes the hardware has experienced of late, along with any other quality of life issues which have plagued MacBooks recently.

[Image – MacGeneration]