If you thought that the internet’s obsession with Untitled Goose Game was slowing down, it seems to be quite the opposite instead as a modder has now taken the famous goose and put it into a new game.

That modder is Alister, who also goes by Zombieali on YouTube where they showcase various mods for Resident Evil.

As with many lighthearted mods for Resident Evil 2, this replaces the model of the towering Mr. X. We’ve seen many of these in the past, including Jason Voorhees, Pennywise and even Big Smoke from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

In this new mod – which isn’t finished or released yet – the goose does keep Mr. X’s fedora, and the final version of the mod will apparently include more honking, as expected.

Unfortunately all we have to preview this mod is a very short gif provided by Alister (embedded below) which shows the memorable first encounter with Mr. X as it lifts the helicopter with one arm or, erm, in this case wing.

The fact that the preview is a gif, which is hosted on a platform infamous for compression, means that what we see has left us wanting. Hopefully the full mod is on the horizon.

If you’d like more goose in your life without unstoppable zombies, you can also 3D print it complete with magnetic beak to steal hold various magnetic objects in your home.