The power grid in South Africa has been constrained of late prompting Eskom to implement loadshedding last week.

However, late on Sunday, Eskom shared some good news with South Africans.

That good news is that there is no loadshedding on the cards for today and the better news is that the possibility of loadshedding for the rest of the week is low.

“The system’s improvement is largely as a result of several units being returned to service from planned and unplanned maintenance and achieving a healthy water level at our pumped storage schemes to prepare for the week ahead,” Eskom said in a statement.

The utility added that it is replenishing its diesel supplies and repairs to the conveyor belt at Medupi Power Station are progressing well.

However, Eskom has warned that the power system is still constrained and as such it may have to implement loadshedding on short notice. This may happen should plant performance lower or unplanned maintenance (read: a break down) occurs.

Here’s hoping the power system remains stable this week.



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