While it’s a bit maddening to chase every hashtag that trends on Twitter, we had to take notice of one within our borders in the form of #ClearlyBetterThanZille.

If you missed it Helen Zille is in the news once again. She’s been elected to the federal council chairperson of the Democratic Alliance (DA), while Herman Mashaba will resign as Joburg mayor, and things are all a bit messy as a result, to put things lightly.

Because of this the #ClearlyBetterThanZille hashtag is doing the rounds. It’s not, as you may have expected, full of discourse over other politicians which could do Zille’s job better. Instead it’s just a barrage of weird and clearly ineffectual images and tweets.

There seems to be thousands of tweets in this conversation already and every time we reload it there are even more. You can, of course, see them all on Twitter, but we’ve embedded some of the funniest ones below.

Regardless of your political leaning, it’s nice to see South Africans unified in something. The last time we remember a similar lighthearted move like this was when Debonairs Pizza got on Twitter to ask why their food was “praiseworthy”, only to be bombarded with people saying the exact opposite.

We’re not saying internet mobs are a good thing, it’s just interesting to see sometimes and it’s usually good for a chuckle.