In recent years Adobe has been trying to port its design applications to other platforms besides traditional PCs and notebooks, making a push for iPad devices in particular. Now the firm is reportedly readying to reveal an iPad-specific version of its Illustrator application.

This according to Bloomberg, with the publication citing sources close to the project, and noting that Adobe could reveal the new version of Illustrator at its annual MAX conference on 2nd November.

Said sources add that we should not expect the app to be commercially available in the same month though, with it expected to become available in 2020 instead.

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t the first time that Apple and Adobe have collaborated to bring the latter’s designer-focused applications to iPads, having done so with the introduction of the first Pro model a few years ago alongside the Apple Pencil stylus.

While bringing design tools to tablets is a big reason for the push, the other is surely a desire to increase the number of subscriptions to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service. The logic here is simple – the more applications that are available on the iPad, the higher the chance is that someone will sign up for the service on that specific form factor.

With an unnamed Adobe spokesperson telling Bloomberg that the company has no new information to divulge at this time, it still remains to be seen if the firm does indeed intend to reveal a new version of Illustrator.

We wont have to wait too long though, as the MAX event is only a couple of weeks away. Should Adobe choose to reveal it, it will be interesting to see how easily the functionality of Illustrator has translated to the iPad interface, especially with the recent release of iPadOS.