If you’re a sucker for old point and click titles, beautiful pixel art and thrillers, recently announced title The Drifter should be on your radar.

Aside from the short reveal trailer (embedded below) we’re given a short outline of the story and its main character: “Mick Carter’s been drifting a while now – never staying one place long, moving from job to job. Forced to return to his old home town, he witnesses a violent murder, is pursued by mysterious armed men, and killed.”

Yes this is one of those pieces of media where the protagonist starts off dead and there’s a lot of strangeness going on that you’ll have to wade through.

Despite being marketed as a point and click it’s mentioned in the marketing material for this game that it can be played on a controller too. Other points worth mentioning include the ominous score and full voice acting.

Mick Carter will be voiced by Adrian Vaughan who we assume will be talking over much of this game.

The last point worth mentioning is the logic you’ll be using to solve the puzzles in this game. It’s claimed that they’ll be “down-to-Earth” and “designed to be unobtrusive”, which is comforting as this genre is known to be the opposite. If you’re not played one of these games in a while Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw of Zero Punctuation fame eloquently explains it back in 2012.

The Drifter is being made by indie developer Powerhoof. We’ve been big fans of this creator ever since we played the strange but fun beast that is Crawl, a 2017 game that combined a roguelike, party game and dungeon crawler into one title. Powerhoof also brought us Regular Human Basketball and is also currently working on a game called Acid Knife.

If you want a taste of what Powerhoof can do within the point and click genre, we suggest checking out Alluvium – a free title made for a game jam from last year.

As for when The Drifter will be available, no release date has been provided with the Steam store page only listing “when it’s done” as the planned release date. If you want to be alerted when it does come out, remember to wishlist it.