The latest and maybe most impactful feature to be added to Steam is called Remote Play Together which, in essence, allows games with local-only multiplayer to be instead be played over the internet.

Not only does this feature reinvigorate released games which lack online multiplayer, but it also allows for additional types of “local” play like splitscreen.

If that doesn’t sound good enough it gets even better as only one person in the party actually needs to own the game which is being shared. The additional party members will instead stream the game, which is why this falls under Steam’s Remote Play banner.

As this feature is still in beta using it requires joining the Steam Client Beta. This can be found under Settings in the Account tab, and full instructions to getting there are provided in this blog post.

Next, as a host, you’ll need to own and start playing a game with local multiplayer. In the announcements of Remote Play Together this link is provided to all games which fit this bill in the store.

Once in the game open up the Steam overlay, head to the Friends list, and choose the “Remote Play Together” option from the dropdown.

And that’s it. A few extra details, such as sharing hardware, can be found in the announcement post.

Those who do choose to participate while in beta are encouraged to share their experiences in the discussion forum to make the final release better.

There’s been a lot of talk over the last year or so about PC platforms and where you should be buying and playing your games. Remote Play Together gives Steam a hell of an advantage as certain games now have online multiplayer on this platform only.