Late last night Borderlands 2 VR finally arrived on PC after launching on the PSVR in December of last year. According to early Steam reviews, the wait may not have been worth it.

After less than a day on the platform the game is sitting with a Mostly Negative overall review rating from just over a hundred players.

While it may be unfair to judge such a long game with just a few hours of gameplay, many of the reviews point to intrinsic problems at the heart of this VR port. Reports of intense motion sickness, poor visuals, perspective problems and more are common in these reviews.

Exasperating these issues is the high price the game is selling for. Borderlands 2 VR is selling for R799 right now, or your regional equivalent as it is only available on Steam and not the Epic Game Store like Borderlands 3.

Even with Steam’s no questions asked refund policy, picking up this title on a whim does not seem to be advisable, even for huge fans of the franchise. Borderlands 3’s terrible optimisation (on all platforms, as covered in our review) and now Borderlands 2 VR’s problems right off the bat don’t paint a particularly nice impression of Gearbox Software right now.

Like Borderlands 3 hopefully patches and updates will be able to save this game, or at least make it more playable. While we wait for that to happen an accompanying trailer has been released – embedded below – and you can click around the game’s Steam page to see more of it, including the scathing reviews.

Oh, and we have to mention one finale thing here. The release trailer contains a Bitly link right at the top of the description to learn more about the game and to buy it. At the time of writing that link leads to a 404 page. The fact that copy pasting a simple link was messed up, on top of everything else, is hilarious.