Fans of FTL who are burnt out on the game may want to check out Abandon Ship, a game that recently hit the 1.0 release and takes the idea of that title and applies it to pirates, naval exploration and the horrors of the sea.

Abandon Ship launched into Steam’s Early Access platform in February of 2018 and developer Fireblade Software has been working on improving it ever since.

This full release of the title ties together all six major updates which have been added to the game since then, along with a now complete story mode and a free play mode centred around rebuilding a pirate base.

Those who have been playing the game in Early Access will be happy to see more content being added to full release. This includes a new, final region to explore, Steam achievements and the usual round of polish you’d expect for the 1.0. The full details of these changes and additions can be found in the Steam Community announcement.

In the launch trailer below you can see how the game plays out with an overworld to explore which can trigger combat. Your all important ship, which can be upgraded as the game goes on, acts as the centre of the UI to engage in combat.

Those worried about this being an endless game of cannon volleys between similar looking shops will be happy to see that there’s a fantastical bent to the entire title. There’s various monsters and entities to fight along the way in addition to the usual array of pirates.

If the high seas just aren’t for you it’s worth ending off by mentioning Bomber Crew, a game which came out in 2017. Bomber Crew takes the FTL formula and adapts it to a cartoon version of World War 2 where you pilot a bomber plane.