The City of Joburg has been hit by another cybersecurity incident following a tussle with ransomware earlier this year.

The municipality has stated it detected a network breach which has resulted in unauthorised access to its information systems.

This means that several customer facing systems including the City of Joburg website, e-services and the billing system have been shut down as a precautionary measure.

“The investigation, which is set to take 24 hours, means that customers will not be able to transact on e-services or log queries via the City’s Call Centre or Customer Services Centres,” the City wrote.

A report by Business Day reveals that a group called Shadow Kill Hackers is claiming responsibility for the breach. The attacker is reportedly demanding a ransom of 4 Bitcoin (~R437 957) be paid by 17:00 on 28th October or all of the data it has gleaned will be uploaded to the internet.

The City of Joburg was reportedly sent a ransom note.

“All your servers and data have been hacked. We have dozens of back doors inside your city. We have control of everything in your city. We also compromised all passwords and sensitive data such as finance and personal population information,” the note said.

The municipality has said that it is working to restore critical systems as soon as possible.