It’s Halloween week which means that there are a number of games hosting themed events.

One of those games is Destiny which has brought back Festival of the Lost for the second year running.

This year things are a bit different as there are a number of other launches that coincide with Festival of the Lost which could confuse players. We say this because, aside from the Halloween event, there are a number of season specific events taking place at the same time.

So, to clear up some confusion we’re going to outline what Season of the Undying players can expect and what free-to-play players can expect.

Festival of the Lost – Free to all players

Much like other annual events, Festival of the Lost is free to all players regardless of whether they own Shadowkeep, Season of the Undying or just New Light.

To participate in the event you will need to have completed the Escape the Cosmodrome mission and you’ll need to be at least 770 Power.

Should those requirements be met, players will receive a quest directing them to visit Eva Levante in the Tower Courtyard. Complete this quest and you will be able to enter the Haunted Forest and earn rewards. Players will have 15 minutes to clear as many branches in the forest as possible.

There are two iterations of the Forest with one being matchmade and another firewalled. The firewalled forest is great for folks that want to enter the event in a pre-made team or the mad men and women that want to solo the activity.

The Haunted Forest this year appears to be taking place in a darkened version of Mercury’s Infinite Forest once again. However, as Nightmares are now an actual enemy in-game, players will now face Terrors in the forest.

Completing bounties will grant you Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins which can be used to purchase five special masks. You will need the Masquerader’s Helmet which can be purchased from Eva Levante to equip the masks. Wearing a mask will also give you the chance to earn more Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins.

Masks include Hive and Vex grunts as well as Calus, Eris, Drifter and Mithrax.

Bungie has warned players that deconstructing Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins will deconstruct the entire stack. As such we recommend not deconstructing the material until the event is over.

There are also mods available which will only be active in the Haunted Forest

Higher Purpose

  • Significant damage resistance while airborne.
  • Significantly increased damage to all enemies.
  • Increases the drop chance of Heavy ammo on kill.

Vampiric Touch

  • Significantly increased damage to challenging enemies.
  • Precision kills trigger health regeneration.
  • Increases the drop chance of Heavy Ammo on kill.

Energetic Assassin

  • Precision kills grant grenade and melee energy.
  • Significantly increased damage to Terrors.
  • Increases the drop chance of Heavy Ammo on kill.

Also free to new players will be a new PvP mode in Momentum Control.

In this mode gun lethality will be increased while ability damage has been lessened. There will be more Power ammunition and players will have increased damage resistance when using their Super ability. Bungie has said the mode harks back to Halo’s SWAT mode and it should be fun to give it a go.

Finally, players can earn the Braytech Winterwolf auto-rifle although it’s a bit different.

The Braytech Werewolf is a reskin but features random rolls.

The Braytech Werewolf will drop with a curated roll at 950 power and players can then farm for other versions of the gun throughout the festival.

On that note Festival of the Lost will run from 29th October through to 19th November.

Festival of the Lost – Shadowkeep owners

Season of the Undying owners are also getting a few Halloween treats although they will be sticking around long after the event is over. Well, some of them at least.

The second ever dungeon will launch on the Moon today and while it still shrouded in secrecy we do have some information.

For one there will be three weapons that can be earned from the dungeon:

  • Blasphemer – Legendary Kinetic Shotgun
  • Apostate – Legendary Energy Sniper Rifle
  • Heretic – Legendary Rocket Launcher

There is also one more “Moon” weapon in the Premonition Pulse Rifle which is widely believed to be linked to the dungeon but this is as of yet unconfirmed.

The final item available to Shadowkeep owners is the Xenophage Machine Gun. Unlike Eriana’s Vow – which was simply gifted to Season of the Undying owners – Xenophage will require players complete a quest in order to obtain the weapon.

Players can begin the grind for Xenophage later today.

With Leviathan’s Breath being a relatively easy quest to complete we suspect Xenophage will require a few more steps before it can be claimed.

Strangely, the steps for this quest haven’t been data-mined yet.

Whether you are a paying player or not, Festival of the Lost brings with it a number of achievements which can be earned during the event. It’s vital that these achievements are claimed from your Triumph category before the event is over. If you don’t claim the Triumphs you won’t be able to when the event is over.

There will also be a number of cosmetic items available for purchase through Eververse for Bright Dust and real money.