Body-cameras are popular devices for police aboard but the trend is yet to catch on in South Africa.

That doesn’t mean body-cameras aren’t available in the country and FLIR’s latest range of TruWitness cameras have just been made available by Graphic Image Technologies.

The TruWitness platform can be worn as a body camera or mounted inside a vehicle. It is able to stream video and audio to a command centre. The camera also contains a global navigation satellite system, gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer.

Together these features bring situational awareness to the command centre.

The TruWitness platform can also use Internet of Things features to trigger nearby TruWitness cameras or other security cameras to give command centres a wider scope.

The system can also be integrated with United VMS, FLIR’s own video management system.

“With the TruWITNESS platform and connected devices in place, on-the-ground safety officials can stream event video not only to their command centre, but also to nearby law enforcement or emergency medical personnel. TruWITNESS enables an agile, contextual response to complex situations and evolving threats, as they occur, thanks to full situational visibility,” executive at Graphic Image Technologies, Laurence Smith, said in a statement.

The system gives law enforcement and security teams better decision making as they have access to more information.

For more information about FLIR TruWitness we recommend visiting the Graphic Image Technologies website.