The Outrunner has been a staple of the Borderlands series since the first game and now you can 3D print one for your desk or shelf thanks to the work of the maker community.

The specific person to thank is Andrew Bertenshaw, who we actually featured before Borderlands 3 launched because of his fantastic recreation of the Loader Bot, another favourite from the franchise.

Like the Loader Bot, the Outrunner was started life in Fusion 360. “For a reference I relied almost entirely on the game to get the scale, shape and details correct,” Bertenshaw tells us, “Having the game running whilst modelling was essential especially when it came to adding the finer details to the model.”

The chassis proved to be a challenge here as slightly messing up the profile here made the entire model look wrong. A couple of hours were needed just to get the shape of this part correct, with the entire model taking around 12 hours to create.

Printing, as is the norm, took even longer at around 24 hours. The model was sliced to make this process a bit easier, and it was split in half where along the turret mount.

Once assembled the scale Outrunner is 19 X 11 X 8 centimetres, with this size chosen to clearly show off all the fine details without making it too large.

Despite this many hours of work were still needed to create the finished piece you see in the gallery below. Bertenshaw estimates that he spent 18 hours just on filing and sanding to smooth out the print, a result of the various curved and cylindrical parts inherent in the design. Filler was also used in some areas where sanding alone couldn’t get the job done.

Finally it was time to add some colour with a turquoise and silver look chosen for this example. Once primed the colours were applied by way of airbrush. While we did mention the assembled size earlier, the painting was done before this step to make this step easier.

Weathering was then added by way of thin paint washes and a bit of dry brushing. This step included, painting added another eight hours of work for this project.

Those looking to make their own version can get the files for free over on Thingiverse.

3D Printing may not be as fast as Digistructing an Outrunner, but the fact that the two are almost comparable is always fascinating. This feeling pops up every time we feature a print from Star Trek, as 3D printers mimic the replicators from that franchise.

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