Kingdom Come: Deliverance – the ambitious RPG from 2018 that mixed first person melee  a la Elder Scrolls games with a real historical setting – has just opened its doors to the modding community thanks to official support for it from developer Warhorse Studios.

The dev has released a slew of modding tools for anyone to make use of, and has set up an entire wiki for the process over on Nexus Mods. This wiki not only contains all the necessary documentation and resources to get going, but there’s also included video tutorials if you’d prefer to get going that way instead of reading.

For something less technical, there’s a trailer giving brief highlights of the modding tools, embedded below. The first feature shown off here is “Skald”, which is the system for handling most text in the game. This can be used to modify quests, journals, objectives and more in the game.

An editor for character AI and behaviour has been included, as has raw game data so you can see how the base game operates before you go messing with it.

Finally, a modified version of CryEngine Sandbox is included, along with the tools and editor extensions which were used to make the game.

As official developer support on Kingdom Come: Deliverance slows down, releasing tools like this is a great way to ensure that people are playing and messing around with a game into the future. As so many companies push for always online models and paid mods, it’s nice to see at least one game studio go the opposite route and not only support mods, but actively encourage them.

To get modding you will, of course, need a copy of the game. It’s available on Steam and GOG, with it being cheaper on the former platform right now due to the Halloween Sale.

If you want to play the game before doing any modding work, we highly recommend a mod to start you off in the unlimited saving mod which makes preserving your game much easier, as the regular system for saving in this game is rather harsh.