Roguelike Risk of Rain 2 continues to be updated across all its platforms as it heads for its 1.0 release, and the latest console-specific patch adds in gyroscopic aim for those playing on Nintendo Switch.

Gyro aiming is something of a neat party trick that a few Switch games such as Splatoon 2 utilise, and it offers a viable alternative for those who can’t get comfortable aiming with a joystick.

You can see this feature shown off in the tweet below, demonstrated with the gyro inside of the Switch Pro Controller. This feature should also be available when using the Joy-Cons in handheld mode.

Like Netflix playback speed that has people arguing, this will be an optional method of input, so it can be ignored if you prefer to use the stick.

The Xbox One version of the game also received a new feature in native voice chats, and all three consoles (the PlayStation 4 being the third) now have menu navigation by way of the D-pad.

This patch not only brings these new additions, but also a host of bug and performance fixes. These deal with everything from audio setting saving to map boundaries, achievements and more. The full patch notes for these console-specific changes can be found on the Gearbox forum, as Gearbox is the publisher of the game.

This patch is also made to coincide with a so called Developer Thoughts post from earlier in the month which dealt with both PC and consoles. The main focus of this was the big December changes which were outlined in their roadmap.

Risk of Rain 2 is scheduled for a full release in US Spring of 2020. That should be between late March and late June of next year. This lines up with the aforementioned roadmap which features March 2020 as the last update before the 1.0 release.