Watching esports seems like a simple enough thing to do. Load up Twitch, or your streaming platform of choice, pick the esport you want to watch and enjoy.

Of course, we say this as people that have grown up with the internet being easily accessible but esports is yet to leave a permanent mark on television screens, particularly in Africa.

Of course one could argue that esports doesn’t need television but to that we’d say more eyes is always good, especially when esports teams rely on sponsorships.

To that end, DISCOP Johannesburg will host a two hour session which will explore esports and how it will disrupt the traditional notions of sports programming.

The session wil be hosted by Nick Wilson, president of the African Animation Network, Les Allen, president of the ICON Comics and Games Convention, and Thomas Imboya president of the Nairobi Comic Convention and Pro Series Gaming.

In addition to this session, DISCOP is launching an initiative that will bring esports to more TV screens on the African continent.

The DISCOP Johannesburg 2019 event will take place from 20th to 22nd November. There will be 35 sessions happening over the event and more than 50 speakers will be attending the event.

For more information and to register you can head to the DISCOP Johannesburg 2019 website.

[Image – CC BY 2.0 a.canvas.of.light]