In the midst of the Halloween Sale, Steam has had another big addition in the form of a new look and feel for its Library.

If you update your Steam client and open up your list of games you’ll see that everything has been redesigned.

Opening up the Library will present you with a few lists you can scroll through such as what’s new on Steam, a recap of your recent games, and then a list of all your games (in alphabetical order by default).

It’s not just the landing page that has been redesigned, however, as the entries for each game has also been changed up to be more visually appealing, on top of rearranging where everything goes. One noticeable exclusion from game pages, we’ve found, is a lack of recent news from outside sources. This section used to be a good way to see when the game you’re playing has been in the news, which can be an indicator of when updates or DLC have been added.

Tinfoil hat on we believe this was removed as negative news was sometimes included in this list, and we have to imagine that publishers and developers wouldn’t be too happy about this.

That aside there’s even more focus on community and playing with friends with these being key elements of the new game pages.

Events now have a bigger impact with an in-Library event feature. This was added to make sure that people don’t miss out on limited time content. This may also be why the previously mentioned Halloween Sale has such a focus on events.

Finally the Remote Play Together beta has been rolled into this update. This feature – which allows local only multiplayer to be played online – was previously only accessible by opting into Steam Betas. While┬áRemote Play Together itself is still in beta, it can now be accessed by the regular version of Steam.

Event feature

Individual game page.

Landing page.