Porsche debuts new mid-range Taycan 4S electric vehicle

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Porsche, like many German carmakers, has long noted its desire to get into the electric vehicle (EV) game, but has been a tad slower than its competitors in getting models to market.

The company only revealed its all-electric Taycan sports car earlier this year, and now it has a new offering on the way in the form of the Taycan 4S, which is a mid-range model in the lineup.

To that end it will only serve up 420kW of power compared to the 500kW and 560kW available on the Turbo and Turbo S flavours.

Porsche is also offering up two different battery sizes on the 4S, with a 79.2 and 93.4kWh options available. While these are underpowered compared to the more sportier models in the lineup, the 4S will feature a slightly improved driving range.

That’s not to say the Taycan 4S is slow though, with it mustering 0-60mph (96.5kmh) in 2.5 seconds and reaching  atop speed of 249kmh.

Both battery models of the Taycan 4S are currently up for order Stateside, starting at $103 800 (~R1.54 million). Naturally given the small number of EVs available in South Africa, there is no word at the time of writing on whether the 4S will be driving on our roads anytime soon.

As always, if there are more charging stations made available locally, hopefully that can change.

Head here to see more pictures of the Taycan 4S on Instagram in Frozen Blue Metallic, or the original all-electric model in the video pasted below.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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