So far two folding smartphones have been announced in 2019 but there is one more happening later this month.

That handset is the reimagined Motorola RAZR.

Originally rumoured to be unveiled at MWC 2019, the handset was nowhere to be seen but that’s probably a good thing.

We say that because while Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold in March with a release date scheduled for April and issues pushed the official release back. Samsung famously pushed back the release of the Galaxy Fold due to concerns regarding how fragile the device was. The Galaxy Fold was released locally in October.

Back to the RAZR though.

The enemy of every smartphone manufacturer (not really but we’re sure he’s not their favourite) leaker Evan Blass has managed to get his hands on images of the Motorola RAZR ahead of release.

Image credit – Evan Blass

The images reveal that the RAZR will flip vertically to expand the display into something akin to the form factor we’ve come to expect from smartphones – albeit in a much more compact package.

The images also reveal a secondary display that will be visible when the handset is closed. This display does seem to be a touchscreen but we can’t confirm that.

Another thing that stands unconfirmed is the price of this handset. According to a report from The Verge, the RAZR may fetch as much as $1 500 (~R22 630).

Whether the RAZR will land in South Africa is another matter entirely. While the original RAZR V3 was widely available in South Africa we’re not certain that we’re a big mobile phone market for Lenovo (which owns the Motorola smartphone brand).

Right now we’re just speculating. The RAZR is set to be announced on 13th November so until then we’ll leave your with a gallery of leaked images courtesy of Blass.