Back in October LEGO revealed an interesting new set in the form of 21320: Dinosaur Fossils, a museum display featuring the bones of three different dinos. It launches internationally today, including South Africa, where it is selling for R1 049.99.

The set is exclusive to the official LEGO store for the foreseeable future, where you can buy it from one of their brick and mortar stores or online.

So what are you getting for just over a grand? Inside the box there’s 910 pieces making the aforementioned dinosaurs as well as two minifigures – a palaeontologist and a human skeleton which looks suspiciously like Indiana Jones.

The set is 1:32 scale and is part of the LEGO Ideas programme in which fan creations are turned into official products. While the original submission contained five dinosaurs, this release only has three: a Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops and Pteranodon. These choices are great and give a nice range of shapes and sizes, but we really feel the exclusion of a Brachiosaurus.

In terms of pricing South African makers aren’t overpaying here. Overseas the price sits at  $59.99 / £54.99 / €59.99 depending on where you live. Our prices usually follow the UK one which, at the time of writing, converts to ~R1 075. This means that we’re actually “underpaying” by a small margin, which is nice to see when it’s usually the opposite.

If you’re somehow not sold on building your own fake dinosaur bones, check out the designer video below to see how it came to be, on top of showing off the various features. As a bit of salt in the wounds the video features a prototype of the previously mentioned Brachiosaurus at around 1:52. We understand that the size and cost of the set needed to be restrained, but it’s still frustrating.

We’ll just have to substitute it with a LEGO Tallneck from Horizon Zero Dawn.