One of the legendary weapons in Borderlands 3 is the Hyper-Hydrator, a more deadly version of the Super Soaker which allows you to soak enemies in water before frying them with electricity. This 3D print of the fictional weapon doesn’t shoot water or electricity, but it does look exactly like its in-game counterpart.

Joffroi Holcombe is the maker behind this project, and was kind enough to tell us how this project came to be.

Like most prints the Hyper-Hydrator started life by being modelled, this time time in Fusion 360. For reference the community was able to assist here in this regard –

“My wife and I love the Borderlands games and it has a great community that post pictures of almost all the weapons. I was able to use this and YouTube videos of the weapon in gameplay to help complete the design,” Holcombe tells us.

With this help the model took just eight hours to complete. Holcombe says that this is the second ever model he has made, which is a surprise given the speed it was done and the quality on show here.

Printing, as expected, took much longer with all the pieces here needing around 60 hours before they could be assembled.

White PLA was used here and, after assembly and some application of filler to cover up some gaps, the Hyper-Hydrator measures in at 13.6 centimetres. You can see how that size looks in a person’s hand in the gallery below.

As the visual aesthetic is so important in Borderlands, getting the paint right is a must. After being primed the base colours were sprayed on. Here a problem arose as a glossy colour was used by mistake, which made applying the black line work difficult. This was done with a simple marker.

For the smaller bits of colour acrylics were used and painted on by hand. All the colours were done before final assembly to make work a bit easier, and everything was joined together with glue.

Those looking to make their own Hyper-Hydrator can get the files free from Thingiverse.

The announcement and subsequent release of Borderlands 3 has really increased the amount of prints from the series. In the past few months we’ve seen the Outrunner, Loader Bot, gun with legs and even a repeating rubber band gun. That last print is, coincidentally, also a Maliwan.

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