While you can find documentation about the Raspberry Pi and other maker boards in almost limitless supply on the internet and in print, an official book may be the new go to as it comes with an actual Raspberry Pi right there on the cover.

The book – simply titled “Get Started with Raspberry Pi” – is a 116 pages of beginner Pi information. It covers setting up the device for the first time, introductions to programming in Scratch and Python, and some simple starter projects covering lights, buttons and sensors.

In terms of hardware you’re getting a Raspberry Pi 3A+, a case and a 16GB microSD card preloaded with the NOOBS OS.

This all costs £35 and is for sale right now in the UK first, as that’s where the Pi was created and the Raspberry Pi Foundation operates from. As for the rest of us in other parts of the world, it’s worth checking your local importers of maker products to see if it pops up.

Here in South Africa places like RS Components and the Pi Factory are good places to check. Failing that, as this is a book, we may see it pop up in book stores over the coming months.

If we don’t get the product it’s not a massive loss as a PDF of the book is available for free. The PDF obviously doesn’t come with any hardware, so you will need to provide that yourself.

Bundling the book and the actual computer together is, however, a great gift with the upcoming Holiday season bearing down on us, and we’re sure just about everyone would like this all in one package to get going in the hobby right away.

The book’s cover. Look for it in your local stores.