Synthetik – which later got the “Legion Rising” subtitle after an expansion – is a true hidden gem in the indie world combining top down roguelike shooting with a sense of weight and realism that’s very RoboCop in its execution and future setting.

Despite launching some time ago, Synthetik is still being worked on with another large update arriving recently. Update 24 – High Technology, as it’s called, makes a large amount of changes to how the game already worked, on top of adding new content.

The Steam announcement makes mention of these features of the update:

  • Overhauled Damage Types Ruleset (Check Weapon menus)
  • Tons of Weapon Balance changes (Clear your preconceptions!)
  • Enemy, Item, Class Balance (Demo rework, Raider Core)
  • Random Module (Press RMB on a module)
  • Improved Controller Support & Performance
  • Improved ‘Loop’ with more Floors
  • Many General and UI improvements
  • New Plasma Shotgun, Tec9 Pistol & New Legendary Item
  • Extra Mouse button support

The mention of a ruleset above speaks to the fact that developer Flow Fire Games keeps a rulebook for how the systems in Synthetik interact. Update 24 makes changes to these rules allowing for more synergies and counters in the game’s ecosystem, something that is rather important for roguelikes and is a lacking feature in other games from this genre, such as Enter the Gungeon when it launched.

Along with all of these changes the update text mentions a console release. Right now Synthetik is a PC only title, so mention of it coming to other platforms is nice to hear. Unfortunately no other details of ports have been given, so we’ll just have to wait this out.

If you’ve never given Synthetik a try we highly recommend it. You don’t even ave to spend any money either, as Synthetik: Arena is available for free. Arena is a standalone version of the main game which is a wave-based challenge mode. Having played Legion Rising and Arena, we get the feeling that Arena is more of an unofficial demo than anything else.

This game is challenging and has some quirks like manual reloading, so we can see how Arena slots in a taster of what is on offer here.