If you have been keeping up to date with all your streaming platforms (there are a lot to keep track of), then you’ll know that Disney+ launched Stateside earlier this week for early adopters, and unsurprisingly much of the exclusive Marvel content has been the most watched to date.

So when can South Africans get in on the action? Well there is still no local launch date for Disney+ at the moment, but it is arriving in four more countries come March 2020.

These new territories are the UK, France, Germany and Spain, with them joining the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand receiving the streaming platform later this month.

The Disney+ Twitter account confirmed the news via a tweet, noting that the service should be up and running by 31st March, adding that title availability may vary depending on the region.

That last bit seems a tad odd, especially as many of these countries are located rather close to one another geographically, and with the exception of the UK, fall under similar regulations. Perhaps that availability note is simply to ensure the company is covered should some content not appear on the platform in certain countries.

Regardless it is a little vexing to see our global counterparts get access to Disney+ before SA does, especially as many a Marvel movie has premiered in South Africa before other parts of the world, not to mention the huge following that many Disney properties have in the country.

Perhaps we can take solace in the fact that no other Middle East or African country has been listed to receive the Disney streaming service at this stage either.

With a bunch of streaming services coming out of the woodwork in 2020, it should be interesting to see if Marvel and Star Wars alone can ensure the Disney offering remains popular.

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