Following unexpected loadshedding last week Eskom has been issuing regular power alerts to keep the country informed.

A number of unexpected breakdowns has put the grid in a vulnerable state and that vulnerability is still very much in play.

“The system continues to remain extremely constrained and vulnerable, with generating plant performing at very low levels of reliability,” Eskom wrote in a power alert.

As of 06:00 unplanned breakdowns sat at just below 9 500MW which means that it is unlikely Eskom will need to implement loadshedding.

“The Emergency Response Command Centre continues to monitor the system on the hour. After concluding the power system review at 05:30 this morning, Eskom can confirm that while the objective is not to implement loadshedding, the generating plant performance continues to be unpredictable,” the utility wrote.

The utility stated that it had replenished diesel reserves for its open cycle gas turbines and increased water levels at its pumped storage schemes over the course of the weekend.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Eskom’s plans could change at any moment due to unexpected breakdowns at which stage loadshedding may be implemented.

For that reason we highly recommend following Eskom’s Twitter and Facebook profiles for regular updates from the horse’s mouth.

We also recommend familiarising yourself with loadshedding schedules so that last minute loadshedding, such as last week Thursday, doesn’t catch you off guard.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]
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