While anything to do with China is a touchy subject right now I think we can all agree that their shopping holiday “Singles’ Day” – which is seen as the opposite of Valentine’s Day where you instead by something for yourself instead of a nonexistent partner – is a good idea, and Steam agrees.

The platform is holding a Singles’ Day Sale which is going right now and will end tomorrow at 8 AM Pacific time on 12th November. As Singles’ Day is, as the name suggests, just one single day (11th November) Steam has given shoppers some leeway when it comes to the duration.

As always the best way to approach any Steam Sale is to load up your wishlist and see which of those titles has dropped. Aside from that Steam has organised the sale games into “Play With Friends” (co-op and multiplayer games), “Play For Yourself (singleplayer) and “More Great Games” (miscellaneous) categories.

The always useful SteamDB also has a sales page which is helpful as you can sort games by percentage discount, finding the titles which have the most shaved off of the top. Using this you can find stuff like Just Cause 2Serious Sam 3: BFE, Hard West and more are 90% off right now.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why Ted from Scrubs is in the header image, it’s because of his famous “why should they be happy?!” scene embedded below. Collective single people: we may not have rocks to throw at old couples in the park, but we do have discounted Steam games.