It’s been a tumultuous weekend for Pokémon as the new Sword and Shield titles continue to leak, developer Game Freak takes action to strike leaks down, and a particularly unsavoury hashtag spreads on Twitter. This Monday morning, however, there’s something less serious to explore in the Wild Area Search.

The Wild Area is a location in the upcoming games, and you can get a sneak peak at it thanks to a new online interactive site.

Wild Area Search is a lot like Google Street View, where you get a first person look at the world and there’s arrows on the ground that you can click to explore in various directions.

Doing so will invariably lead you to Pokémon. These can be clicked on to bring up a small card with details about them, or a short video.

Aside from being an interesting way to see some of the Galar region, what’s also special here is the presentation. The Wild Area Search is a mix of a real life diorama and computer animation.

The videos show this effect off best with a short pan through past the Pokémon models, so you can see them from a few angles.

We spent a good thirty minutes going through the experience to capture some of these videos. Each features a group of various Pokémon, some collected by their typing and other being a mishmash.

Click on the names of the collected Pokémon below to see their videos. We’ve also embedded a gif below to show what this looks like for the new fan favourite Wooloo.

Wild Area Search is available to check out for free, but keep in mind that it’s all in Japanese. Google Translate won’t help because of the way the text is formatted, but it’s easy enough to navigate without it.

As for those aforementioned leaks, no new Pokémon are revealed here outside of the ones officially shown in previous trailers.