In recent months distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have ramped up significantly and the latest intelligence from Kaspersky has revealed just how popular the attack is.

Looking at data for the third quarter of this year Kaspersky reports that DDoS attacks climbed by 30 percentage points compared to the second quarter.

Particularly of concern is the fact that 53 percent of all the attacks took place during September.

As to who is behind these attacks, while Kaspersky cannot say for certain the fact that the attacks coincided with the start of the European academic year may serve as a clue.

“Kaspersky statistics reveal 60% of the attacks that were prevented during this month were conducted against schools and electronic journal sites. Based on this, Kaspersky experts suggest that these attacks were carried out by school-age hooligans who do not have a deep understanding of how to organise DDoS campaigns,” writes Kaspersky.

The security firm notes that despite the increase in attacks, the average duration of the attacks has not shifted much from quarter to quarter. In fact the aver duration fell slightly due to the large number of attacks taking place.

“Despite this spell of seasonal activity from young hooligans, who appear to celebrate the beginning of the school year with a spike in DDoS attacks, the more professional market of DDoS attacks is rather stable. We have not seen an explosive increase in the number of smart attacks compared with the previous quarter and the average length of attack remains the same. However, this still causes serious damage to business,” says business development manager on Kaspersky’s DDoS Protection team, Alexey Kiselev.

As a business Kaspersky recommends you ensure your web and IT resources are able to cope with high traffic and to implement solutions that protect against DDoS attacks.

It’s also recommended that you have your ISP on speed dial to alert them should your company come under fire from these attacks.