South African futurist and best-selling author, John Sanei, says that there are only two types of businesses in the world today – those that are sector led, and those that are technology led.

Here’s the secret though. Being technology led doesn’t mean you need to be a tech business. What it does mean is that you’re using the technology available to you to build a successful and competitive company.

And here’s where the playing field levels, because unlike a decade ago, when that type of technology was only available to enterprises, today, thanks to cloud solutions and SME-focused service providers, anyone can access productivity tools to drive business success and growth.

The problem is that we’re still dealing with legacy systems and services providers that don’t understand the needs of small and medium businesses.

In our experience, there are four big challenges that SMEs face when it comes to technology solutions:

  1. Data loss can be a small-business killer
  2. No access to email impacts productivity and reputation
  3. IT costs can be prohibitively expensive for SMEs
  4. SMEs don’t receive good service from IT providers

Solutions like Office365 and Microsoft365, coupled with a service provider that can offer you best-of-breed service within minutes, depending on your needs and at a price-point that works for your SME, not only solves those challenges, but gives you a springboard for growth.

Matching needs with solutions

When we first approached the challenge of building a solution that supported SMEs specifically, it was from two angles.

First, we needed a cloud solution that SMEs could access without high capex outlays. A cloud solution means services are only paid for per user through a monthly subscription. Not only is this far more cost effective for an SME than needing to purchase software licenses and infrastructure hardware, but enterprise-grade security, as well as data stored across multiple locations, ensures 99.99 percent uptime, particularly where emails are concerned.

The second thing we needed to do was be able to provide a service that met SME needs at an affordable price-point.

Again, a cloud solution helps with this. When the number of service calls drop regarding emails being down, our team is able to focus time and attention on other issues, freeing us up to give SMEs excellent service without requiring a large, expensive team of people to do it.

SMEs cannot afford to be unproductive. Every second counts. A service provider that can’t get your data back within hours, or who leaves you without email for three days, doesn’t understand the lifeblood of your business is remaining accessible and operational at all times.

We understand your needs because we’re a business, just like you.

To find out more how ART Technologies, together with Office365 and Microsoft365, can help you overcome the four biggest technology challenges you face, download your free white paper, Access technology that will grow your SME.

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