Having been rumoured for quite some time, and then teased for a reveal this month, Lenovo has finally debuted its foldable Motorola razr. The device hinges off of the iconic clamshell design of the Razr V3 phone, featuring a similar design, with the notable improvement being the foldable P-OLED screen that unfurls to deliver a 6.2″ HD screen.

The device has been revealed in Los Angeles and Beijing today, with the former country expected to get the device for pre-order sometime in December. It is expected to be available in select European and Asian markets in the new year, but sadly no mention of whether countries like South Africa will receive the device.

Currently Motorola smartphones are not supplied locally, but Lenovo (which owns the mobile brand) have said it will look into whether the device could make its way to our shores.

While we await word on that front, let’s run through some of the elements of this device.

The aforementioned fodable display features a specifically designed mechanism to ensure that no added stress is placed at the area where the fold happens, and in particular addresses any potential creasing issues that other foldable phones have suffered from.

Lenovo adds that the build quality and design of the Motorola razr means it will last the entire lifetime of the device, although it remains to be seen if that is indeed the case.

Other aspects include a 2.7″ external display that operates as a second screen for notifications, as well as integration for third-party apps like Spotify, along with being a viewfinder for the 5MP front facing camera. There’s a 16MP rear option available too, with Lenovo noting that some clever AI features have been added to the mix to yield better photography.

Added to this is a split battery design to better balance the Motorola razr in-hand, and combining to a total of 2 510mAh and 36 hours of standby time. Other components include an octa-core Snapdragon 710 chipset, 6GB RAM and 128GB onboard storage. There’s also a fingerprint sensor housed in the chin of the razr, and facial recognition thrown in for good measure.

All of this comes at a price, with the Motorola razr recommended to retail for $1 499 Stateside. Given the shaky recent history of foldable phones, it should be interesting to see if consumers will be swayed by the nostalgia of the Motorola brand and the V3 to purchase this latest device.

We’re in Beijing for Lenovo Tech World this week, and will be sharing close up pictures of the new Motorla razr, along with out first impression of the device.