While mobile network operators offer customers a variety of choice there are instances where a bespoke solution is required.

This rings true whether your business is maintaining a fleet of trucks or has mission-critical operations. When one considers the constant growth of cloud, edge and internet of things (IoT) applications, the need for an always-on, scalable network becomes even more apparent.

Cradlepoint offers customers a 4G LTE wireless edge solution that is highly reliable with a 99.99 percent uptime. The solution is fast, cost effective and most importantly, can be scaled as and when needed.

A 4G LTE solution may be needed in your business if you encounter the following problems.

Rampant internet outages cost you money

For businesses that process credit-card transactions, an internet outage could cost you thousands. Access to your own wide area network (WAN) using a 4G LTE solution can resolve those problems, especially if your business needs access to back-office applications.

Managing more than three ISPs

Despite the wish to have all offices running the same systems with the same ISPs, that cannot always happen due to geographical limitations. Employing a 4G LTE solution from Cradlepoint means you can streamline your organisation’s service providers and make them easier to manage.

Constant scale

Firms that are constantly adding new branches, operate fleets or operate IoT devices may benefit from a wireless solution.

IT professionals needed in multiple locations

IT teams that manage many distributed locations without on-site specialists and can’t send frequent truck rolls need flexible, plug-and-play WAN solutions that can be cost-effectively managed remotely.

5G presents an interesting use case. While commercial rollout of the network technology at scale is still a ways off, enterprise can begin preparing for the future today with a solution that provides a clear technology upgrade pathway to both advanced LTE networks, such as Gigabit LTE, and 5G.

When it comes to fruition, 5G will offer latency as low as 1ms, unimaginable speeds and oodles of capacity. But 5G will exist alongside 4G and so investment in wireless connectivity today will prepare you to benefit from 5G once it is widely available.

The best piece of advice regarding 4G and 5G is to consult an expert. Cradlepoint is on hand to help customers build a solution that meets their specific needs. Cradlepoint’s Netcloud Service makes managing your network easier and helps you shrug off the limitations of fixed line connectivity.

Contact Cradlepoint today about how going wireless can improve your business.

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