A new Netflix Original release is usually accompanied by a push to bring more subscribers to the service but Netflix is taking a different approach with Klaus.

The animated Christmas movie releases on Netflix today but you don’t need an account to stream the film at all.

Simply head to this link and you can watch Klaus without needing to sign-up for an account. The offer is limited however and the free version of the film will only be available from today until 17th November.

The film stars Jason Schwartzman as Jesper, a postal worker stationed above the Arctic Circle in the depressed town of Smeerensburg. The situation is dire until Jesper stumbles upon Klaus (J.K Simmons) and convinces him to help turn the situation around.

It looks like a decent watch especially for the family.

Also launching on Netflix today is I’m with the Band: Nasty Cherry in which Charli XCX handpicks four women who ultimately form a band.

The absolutely fantastic The Toys That Made Us also returns for a third season today. This season will explore the origins behind Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys, Power Ranger toys and more.

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