You are probably aware that the nature of work is changing. Perhaps you’ve even see it take place at your own office, where employees are choosing to work more flexibly and in many cases wanting to do so remotely.

With this increased desire to have a more flexible setup comes the need to have the right tools to do the job, and this is where the AOC I1601FWUX comes into play.

Yes the name is a mouthful, but the only thing complicated about this AOC offering is the name.

As a USB Type-C powered portable display, the AOC I1601FWUX is designed for people who value mobility and flexibility, making it the perfect device for those who hot desk often, as well as those who often freelance. There is a case to make for students too, with the I1601FWUX being a far more affordable option for learners wanting to add a second screen to the mix.

It is well documented that productivity improves significantly when you has two displays at your disposal, but having two large stationary screens on your office desk is less than ideal, especially if you plan to work from home or another remote location from time to time.

Now that we’ve espoused the value that a portable monitor like the I1601FWUX holds, you’re probably wondering that kind of specifications the device is sporting.

To that end AOC has not held back. Here a 15.6″ Full HD display is present, serving up a crisp 1920X1080 resolution to ensure that any kind of design work you may be doing with your second screen is not compromised. With this resolution you can consume media at ease, if you want to use your second screen to relax instead of doing more work.

Highlighting the portability of the device, it tips the scale at 824g, which means it will not be a burden to carry around from hot desk to hot desk.

It also comes with a smart cover to ensure that no damage comes the way of the IPS screen while in your bag or whatever other means of transport you choose.The smart cover also pulls duty as a handy kick stand for when you want to place the screen in landscape or portrait mode, the latter of which is useful if the second screen is utilised for coding or scrolling through your favourite social media site.

As for the other notable elements, AOC has given the I1601FWUX a peak brightness of 220 nits, along with a refresh rate of 60Hz, response time of 5ms and 160 degree viewing angles.

With a myriad applications available for the AOC I1601FWUX, it truly does hold a lot of value for the mobile worker, and hot-deskers in particular. If portability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness are top of mind when crafting your mobile setup for work, the AOC I1601FWUX is where you need to invest.

To find out more about the I1601FWUX, or any other AOC product, contact local distributor Rectron.

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