The latest property to team up with LEGO is the BBC show Top Gear with the pair creating a rally which can be built from bricks and then controlled by way of an app as an RC car.

The simply-named 42109: Top Gear Rally Car has 463 pieces and is rather pricey at  $129.99 / £124.99. For those of us outside of those two countries, we’ll likely be paying closer to the UK price after conversions and some extra sales tax on top of that.

We’re not exactly sure why the US and UK prices are the same, however, as the British pound is a stronger currency. It’s a weird quirk of LEGO’s pricing system that pops up now and again.

Regardless the price per part situation here is high too, but that’s because of the electronics which are paired up with the plastic here. Inside of the box there are two motors (one large and one extra large motor), as well as a smart hub piece which allows the toy to be connected and controlled to a phone or tablet.

Once assembled the rally care measures in at 27 X 15 X 10 centimetres (you can see how this stacks up against a minifigure) and the car it makes is up to personal taste at least in the looks department. No official car manufacturer is attached to the piece, so this is a new design by the pairing, which LEGO often does for its Technic line.

If you like how it looks or you simply want some Top Gear branded LEGO, the set will be available globally come 26th December. We’re not entirely sure why it’s chosen to sell something the day after Christmas though.

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