Builders – the DIY chain previously known as Builders Warehouse – is giving customers 10% off of orders which cost R5 000 or more for Black Friday.

Aside from needing to put in a rather large order to quality for the discount, it’s only available online through the Builders website.

The discount will not apply automatically and requires that the voucher code “BFXTR10” be entered at checkout.

Like many local companies this deal isn’t just for Black Friday itself, but will run over a number of days. The promotion is available now and will run until Black Friday on 29th November, giving shoppers ample time to take advantage.

Unfortunately for those looking to pick up building or home improvement supplies, there are limitations on the promotion. Bricks, cement, fencing, sand and tiles are excluded from this deal. As these are the items many people (and businesses) buy in bulk, it’s easy to understand why this clause is in place.

On top of this Builders is also using a reply bot on Twitter to play some kind of game. Liking this tweet will result in its account replying to you with a notification. We’re not exactly sure what the game entails, but we assume more details will be available closer to Black Friday.

If DIY just isn’t your thing Xbox, Nedbank, Comic Con and more have already announced what specials they will be offering for the shopping holiday. Many more companies are expected to make similar announcements next week.

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