Local literary retailer Exclusive Books has updated their website and are offering users R100 off of purchases of R500 or more.

New and returning users will both receive this special with a few caveats. Only one discount is allowed per person, it cannot be combined with other special offers, is only valid online, and it cannot be used to buy vouchers or gift cars.

The special also won’t last forever, as it’s available now and will run until 30th November. While the newsletter announcing this doesn’t mention it, we can’t help but feel like this is meant to tap into the upcoming Black Friday too. The presence of tinsel decoration (you can see some of it above) also shows that this is intended to drive holiday sales.

Logging into an old account we have on Exclusive Books and we did not see the coupon automatically apply to our cart. This could mean that we jumped the gun a bit and the special isn’t active yet at the time of writing, or the R100 reduction is only applied right at the end of the purchasing process.

Regardless, books are a luxury in South Africa, especially at Exclusive Books which isn’t exactly known as a cheap place to shop. Any discount there is welcome.

If you’re not sure what to buy for yourself or others this upcoming holiday season, Exclusive Books has also put together a Christmas Catalogue (PDF) that’s fun to look through, especially if you’re not sure what to use that R100 discount on.

Finally it’s worth noting that the website update that spurred this special isn’t that apparent. We used the Wayback Machine to see how the site looked earlier this year, and the new one is very similar.

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