For the past few years now Facebook has been holding its annual F8 developer conference, where the company showcases some of the tools and technologies it is working on. Next is going to be no different, with Facebook confirming that the 2020 F8 conference will be happening on 5th and 6th May 2020.

Registration for the event being held in San Jose, California are yet to open up, but Facebook says those developers interested in attending can sign up for updates at the F8 website.

For now Facebook is remaining mum on what next year’s conference has in store, but the firm has said it will feature, “product demos, deep-dive sessions that showcase how technology can enable you to come together and create your best work, and opportunities for you to network with our global developer community and learn from each other.”

While that is indeed a rather open-ended description of what’s to come, this year’s F8 conference played party to a redesign of the social media platform’s design. Added to this has an expansion of the features on other Facebook properties like WhatsApp, its Marketplace and some of the VR applications it is working.

As such next year’s conference will likely feature much of the same, and with Facebook having recently given its holding company’s brand a refresh, there could be more changes on the way.

That said, some of the more important elements plaguing the company still need addressing, with the way in which misinformation is spread on the platform being one of them.

Hopefully then Zuckerberg and co. will have an announcement on that front, which will come into focus given the 2020 US Elections on the horizon.