Microsoft puts huge effort into ensuring its products and services are super-secure, as trust is one of the company’s core values. It’s so important the company builds it into absolutely everything it produces, with the aim of creating a foundation of trust on which to build customer relationships.

Which is why Microsoft 365, Microsoft’s latest subscription offering, available from Westcon-Comstor, bundles together a collection of business-focused services and software, and offers security features over and above those already baked into Office and Windows. 

Superb security over and above what’s already there

One of the ways Microsoft 365 achieves this is by offering end-users improved visibility into the security status of all of its devices, software installations, and users. This is done with a handy, easy-to-read dashboard that shows business owners and IT administrators, at a glance, the state of the organisation’s security and compliance.

The first of these is called the Microsoft 365 Security Center, and it offers a real-time look at what’s going on inside all of the devices within the organisation. It gives you at-a-glance access to the state of your identities, data, devices, apps, and business infrastructure, providing IT with hard data on which to make business decisions and recommendations, and take further action to boost security if needed.

This is communicated by examining your infrastructure and assigning it a security score – the lower the score, the more work is needed to secure the business against attack. The Security Center also tells you how many users are at risk, the percentage of devices that are non-compliant, and reports on the general security of the business’s cloud apps.

Compliance Dashboard

The second dashboard looks at your business’s overall compliance levels, a vital feature for any modern organisation that must comply with very strict guidelines and legislation as a part of its daily operations.

And since legislation like Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation and South Africa’s own Protection of Private Information Act are a reality, every business that uses computing infrastructure must be compliant on some level. 

Microsoft 365’s Compliance Dashboard examines your infrastructure’s configuration and offers recommendations on how to resolve any compliance issues it flags. It covers things like sensitivity and retention labels and policies, data loss prevention, data governance, eDiscovery, data subject requests, case management, and Cloud App Security.

And because Microsoft offers cutting-edge functionality as an integral part of its value proposition, there’s a useful feature that leverages intelligent automation to make sure your compliance risks are as low as possible and your digital assets (and those of your customers) are sufficiently protected.

Visibility Granted

Visibility into infrastructure and compliance levels is part of every organisation’s security challenges. By presenting the viewer with incredibly granular data on the status of the organisation’s equipment, infrastructure, and compliance status in real time, Microsoft 365 solves that problem entirely.

Thanks to the two dashboards included in Microsoft 365 (Security and Compliance), businesses are kept informed as to where and how they can tighten things up. This, in turn, reduces risks and boosts security dramatically.

Couple this with the fact that you can get all of your Microsoft 365 solutions from Westcon-Comstor as well as all the support and services the company provides as a value-added distributor, and your client’s business is on a winning wicket.

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