One complaint shared across the OG Nintendo Switch and the newer Switch Lite is an almost nonexistent design for ergonomics, with both featuring completely flat designs which can be uncomfortable to hold.

Skull & Co., a company best known for Kickstarting the GripCase for the original Switch, has offered a solution for the Switch Lite in a new GripCase for the smaller console.

The simply named GripCase Lite carries over the functionality of the original product: interchangeable grips which attach to a plastic case that holds the console.

There are three types of grips on offer here: Snap, Trigger and Plus. Snap is the smallest of the three offering a slight increase to the Switch Lite’s bulk with a textured back. Trigger offers a definite bump to rest your fingers, and Plus is a simple large bulge which imitates the type of ergonomic “wings” you’ll find on most controllers.

You can see these three types of grips below, as well as this trailer. The trailer is, unfortunately, entirely in Japanese, so if you don’t speak that language you’ll just need to get the information from it by way of visual cues.

All similar grip products like this usually come with the downside that the existing carrying cases for the consoles can no longer accommodate them due to the added size. This is a problem here, but the bundle you buy when purchasing the GripCase Lite comes with a “Maxcarry Case Lite” which can fit the grips as well as several other accessories.

It’s claimed that the case has some degree of waterproofing, holds eight game cartridges and, strangely, features a kickstand for the Switch Lite. As this console lacks the ability to remove its controllers to use in tabletop mode, the kickstand is an odd inclusion.

The GripCase Lite bundle contains the aforementioned three types of grips, the enclosure which supports them, and the Maxcarry Case Lite. This is being sold on the Skull & Co. website for $35.99.

As this is a pre-order, the price is discounted by 10% down to $32.39, with shipments going out starting on 24th November. This price includes free worldwide shipping, but remember to factor in import duties and taxes.

It’s also worth noting that Skull & Co. is offering $10 off of orders of $60 or more, PayPal is used as the payment method.

As always we recommend against pre-ordering, and waiting for reviews to come out before spending your money. While you may miss out on the pre-order discount, it’s better to spend a little more for piece of mind.