Microsoft 365 is part of Microsoft’s Modern Workplace Solution offering, and it’s been carefully designed to offer business owners simplicity and ease of use when it comes to managing and deploying their business software, while keeping costs down. 

Ultimately, Microsoft 365 is a superb new offering from one of the biggest names in business software; we’ve put this article together to share the essence of what it is and highlight why it could be really good for your business.

The nuts and bolts of Microsoft 365

Available locally through Westcon-Comstor, Microsoft 365 is a business-focused collection of Microsoft services that bundle together Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), and machine learning together as a subscription. This saves businesses the cost of purchasing the software outright.

The two packages to choose from are Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft 365 Enterprise, with Enterprise offering all of the above along with Windows 10 Enterprise – the business version of Microsoft’s incredible Windows 10 operating system. 

At its heart, Microsoft 365 is a new subscription service for businesses that delivers a suite of Microsoft’s best business software, charged per user, per month. There is no big up-front price tag for a lot of fantastic business software, in other words.

The core idea behind it is to save businesses money by turning their software spend into an operational expense, and not a capital expenditure.

Office 365 is at the heart of the offering, as every SKU of Microsoft 365 includes it in some form. That provides users access to Microsoft’s top-notch Office applications including Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, and more, along with handy tools like OneDrive (cloud storage) and Exchange (cloud-hosted email servers) – everything workers need to be productive and collaborate across the organisation. 

Microsoft 365 is a more comprehensive offering, comprising Office 365, various security features, Teams voice, and Windows 10.

Exactly what businesses get access to from this superb software selection is dependent on which Microsoft 365 package they sign up for.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

It’s the additional services Microsoft packages with Microsoft 365 that should prove invaluable for businesses looking to do more, while being secure at the same time.

Microsoft calls these services “Enterprise Mobility + Security”, and they are a collection of tools businesses can use to secure and manage the software installed on their workers’ computer hardware from a single dashboard.

Teams Voice is a value-add that provides seamless voice communication in Office 365 to enable even closer collaboration across teams spread throughout the business. 

Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft 365 Enterprise

The two plans on offer are Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft 365 Enterprise. While they’re both aimed at businesses, the Enterprise version also includes Windows 10 Enterprise, which represents huge potential savings for bigger companies as they won’t need to buy individual licenses for Windows 10 any longer, replacing those with one subscription per user that needs it.

Microsoft has tailored Microsoft 365 Enterprise to cater for just about any organisation’s needs, and has split it into three sub-categories that offer different things.

These categories are E5, E3, and F1, and you can see how they differ from one another if you click on this link.

Why is this good?

Businesses need software to run, and what Microsoft has packaged together under the Microsoft 365 banner are the most essential packages needed by the majority of businesses, and which businesses are likely already making use of.

Buying each component of Microsoft 365 separately is still possible, but it costs a lot of money compared to what business would spend on subscriptions per user within the organisation. 

That’s the prime appeal here: businesses get what they need from Microsoft while reducing their software spend by converting what was once a capital expenditure into an operational one. Add to this that you can get all the support, training and value-added services you need from Westcon-Comstor as your distributor. And that’s a win for everyone.

For more information on Microsoft 365, head over to Microsoft’s official site.

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