Despite being around 20 hours long and having launched only a week ago, many people have already finished Pokémon Sword and Shield and are looking to do more with their games. Thankfully we now have official information for a fan favourite activity: shiny hunting.

Shiny hunting is the name given to the act of doing whatever you can to catch a shiny version of a Pokémon. As each game handles shiny spawns differently, it was historically been up to the community to test and datamine until they figure out how best to go about this. But, in a strange turn of events, Pokémon itself has revealed details on how to accomplish it.

On the official Pokémon website, a recently released strategy guide lays out the process to best encounter shinies.

The trick in Sword and Shield is to encounter, then catch or knock out, the same Pokémon over and over again. Doing this will increase your chances of encountering shinies, as well as Brilliant Pokémon.

Brilliant Pokémon, which have an aura around them visible in the overworld, are slightly higher level, have special moves, higher stats, and grant Watts when defeated.

Thankfully these encounters do not need to be consecutive, and the number of encounters are visible inside the Pokédex to keep count.

The number of encounters, and how they affect Brilliant and shiny encounters, are as follows:

When fishing the story changes a bit, as Brilliant encounters are now dependent on consecutive chains of successful hooks.

This process has higher stakes as many different factors will ruin the chain. Failing a hook, catching a Pokémon, running from a battle, leaving the area, or turning off the game will all reset the chain.

Will we do have the exact numbers right from the developer detailing the Brilliant Pokémon encounter rate for finishing, these do not include shiny details:

We assume that the previous stats on shiny hunting above apply to Pokémon catachable by finishing, but this has not been confirmed.

This new shiny hunting information can be read in full in the aforementioned strategy guide. Aside from the topics mentioned Max Raid Battles, Wild Weather in the Wild Area, Gym Badge effects, and more are covered in the guide. As with many of the recent games, completing the Pokédex will unlock the Shiny Charm, which increases the overall chances for encountering a shiny.

[Image – ProsafiaGaming]