The first ever Spotify Awards have recently been announced by the music streaming platform, and it’s a first for the company. Spotify shared a video on YouTube earlier today revealing the event, which is set to take place in Mexico City on 5th March 2020.

The video (pasted below) in question is in Spanish, given the host city, as well as Spotify teaming up with Turner Latin America in order to handle the live broadcast. Mexico City has also been described as the streaming capital of the world according to the company, as the capital features the most active listeners on the platform out of any city across the globe.

The platform also adds that the Spotify Awards will be a true reflection of what happens on the platform, and perhaps would then be a democratic system than the fan vote-driven events like the MTV Music Awards.

“Your plays, patterns, and habits will help determine the award categories, finalists, and winners, for the Spotify Awards by providing a true reflection of what fans are listening to,” notes a blog post about the show.

For now there is no precise mention of how many categories Spotify plans to have, what kind of award will be given, and how nominees would be determined, if that were indeed the system Spotify aims to employ.

With the Spotify Awards being broadcast in Spanish for the Latin American audience, it is at least good to see that the company is hosting its first ever awards show outside of the usual New York, Los Angeles or London venues that many other events are held.

There are still some of the finer details to sort out though, so it will be interesting to see how the show develops over the coming months, and whether any South African artists will be in the running.