While Black Friday is known for purchasing products at a discount instead of experiences, local theatre chain Ster-Kinekor is offering up one of the best deals out there in discounted movie tickets and snacks.

On Black Friday – 29th November – movie tickets will cost R45. A snack combo of a small popcorn and a small drink (either soda or Slush Puppie) will be R25.

That means you can see a new release and have something to eat for a total of R70. Having just seen a movie yesterday at the time of writing, that’s around half of what you usually pay at the movies.

Of course, there is an additional caveat on top of the special only being around for one day. The R45 ticket(s) also do not apply to D-BOX, IMAX and Cinema Prestige showings.

On top of this announcement Ster-Kinekor has provided some new movies it recommends checking out, such as Doctor Sleep, Knives Out and Ford vs. Ferrari. Knives Out actually releases on 29th November, so you’ll be able to attend the first non-premiere screenings for a bargain. While we haven’t seen that yet, we have seen Ford vs. Ferrari, which is the ultimate dad movie and a good time all around.

Ster-Kinekor suggests nabbing your seats by booking them on their website. Unfortunately this seems to only allow you to choose showings three days in advance, so you can’t quite get your Black Friday R45 tickets just yet.

Finally it’s worth noting that the R25 popcorn and drink combo cannot be pre-booked like the tickets can, so you’ll have to buy them when you arrive and hope that there is still stock. We doubt a theatre would run out of either, but with such a good price here we think that there’s going to be a lot of people watching movies on Friday.