If you have been reading more stories about Amazon Web Services (AWS) of late, it’s because the enterprise-focused arm of the tech giant plans to open up local data centres in Cape Town early next year.

As such the latest bit of news surrounding AWS concerns Amazon Translate, which is its machine-based translation tool that it offers to clients and developers. Giving the announcement a local flavour is the fact that AWS has added a further 22 languages to the previous 32 already supported, and one of them is Afrikaans.

Along with English, it is the second official South African language supported by the Amazon Translate tool, and one of a handful of African ones that have been made available.

Before you start wanting to make use of the Amazon Translate locally, the service is limited to 17 locations across the globe at the time of writing, but that could very well change by this time next year once the aforementioned data centres are up and running.

We’re also hoping that more South Africa/African languages will be added to the mix moving forward, especially as the creation of applications and services available in native languages is something that has been missing for some time now.

As this announcement was made via AWS’ global press site, we’re yet to hear about the local spin on this latest batch of additions.

Still it is nice to see that local languages are being catered for. With two done, there’s only nine more to go.

[Image – Photo by Pisit Heng on Unsplash]