As it has done for the past few months, Steam has released some information about what did well on its platform in the previous month. For October Destiny 2 ruled the roost clocking in with a massive peak player count of 300 000 shortly after release on 1st October.

While you may expect that Destiny 2 is included here by sheer amount of downloads thanks to the game becoming free to play, this isn’t the case as Steam’s list of 20 Top Releases (see below) is for the games which generated the most revenue.

While that list is ordered by release date and not be revenue generated, it’s still telling to see the game included despite its free nature.

Other notable inclusions, to us anyway, are Disco Elysium and Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. The former is an indie darling that we’re glad to see make money in relation to its critical reception, and the former was touted by fans as a high-effort alternative to the controversial Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Aside from the top 20 revenue earners, Steam has also included the top six most popular free to play releases, as measured by way of peak concurrent player count.

As we wait for November’s numbers to roll in we highly suspect that local multiplayer games will make up a lot of ground, as many of them went on sale and became more appealing thanks to the new Remote Play Together feature, which allows them to be played online.

While both of those lists are down below, the full Top Releases of October 2019 post by Steam is available to read its site.

October’s Top Releases

October’s Top Free Releases