AdBlock is one of the biggest names in the business when it comes to software allowing you to dodge internet advertisements. The completely free software now has a paid Premium subscription with a few unique features, such as letting you replace those ads with pictures instead.

Anyone with AdBlock installed on their system will likely see a banner on the software’s icon stating that there’s something new available. Clicking on it will take you to this page, which explains Premium.

For $1 per month of $10 per year, Premium members get three features which are not available to free users: cross device syncing, AdBlock themes and ad image swapping.

Cross device syncing allows you to keep the same settings across the different devices and systems that AdBlock supports. Your blocking rules, settings, whitelists and more can now be set up once and then applied to multiple devices.

AdBlock themes allows control over how the software looks, including font size.

Finally image swapping is maybe the most interesting feature here. When you use any software to get rid of ads, the spaces where those ads were supposed to be either disappear from the site you’re viewing, or they’re replaced with a blank space.

Image swapping offers up a third option: switching those ads with pictures of your choice. The suggested pictures to use are nature, dogs and, of course, cats.

As always, when we talk about this kind of software, we have to remind everyone to always try to support the content you like on the internet. Ads suck and we understand the need for AdBlock and similar services. Most platforms have some other method of direct support, so explore them to prevent your favourite content from dying.

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