With Black Friday set to happen on Friday you may be looking abroad for spectacular deals and DHL is hoping to make that a bit easier.

The DHL Africa eShop is an app and browser extension launched in April 2019 that allows you to shop sales in the US and UK, even if the website doesn’t expressly ship to an African country.

Upon installing the app/extension you will be presented with an array of retailers. Upon clicking the links to these retailers you will be presented with important information regarding the rules of this offer.

Most important is that the order is completed via the DHL Africa eShop and not the retailer. Upon checkout users will need to use the app/extension rather than the retailer’s checkout facility. There are over 200 retailers, and the conditions differ for each so make sure you read the terms before you start shopping.

“African consumers have direct access to the season’s hottest deals on stores such as Amazon, Macy’s and Next to name a few, with a huge variety of products on offer, from clothing to electronics, consumer products and a host of products in between. It’s our aim to connect African shoppers to some of the best Black Friday deals on the continent,” chief executive officer at DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa, Hennie Heymans said in a statement.

“We’ve already seen a large surge in app downloads and orders in the build-up to Black Friday, and with a number of stores already offering pre-Black Friday deals. Given the high volume of online shopping traffic over this period, it is important to be assured that your online order is being shipped by a reliable service provider. Africa eShop gives you that peace of mind, as all deliveries are handled by DHL,” added Heymans.

The DHL Africa eShop is available in 34 African countries including South Africa.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]